The day the liquor inspector walked into my cooking class


Did I ever tell you the story of when the liquor inspector walked into my cooking class?

This happened many years ago, but my heart still skips a beat when I recall that story.

It’s true, one minute we’re rolling fettuccine and poaching eggs and the next my daughter is whispering, “Mom the liquor inspector is here.”

My heart pounding, I calmly say to her. If mommy goes to jail tonight don’t worry we'll work it out. She nods her head trying to hide her panic as she ushers The liquor Inspector into my office.

Hello, I’m in charge, I say, my heart at my feet.

He tells me I’m in violation of our license application which required us to leave the sign in the window until 4pm. He was right, I took it down at 3. Moments before their drive by.

That night I was teaching a cooking class to a board of directors and the Premier of Manitoba! As I peer out of my office now, I can see the Premier, taking a good long sip of that premium wine we brought in.

The Premier of the province is in there, I say to the inspector. I know I saw him, he says.

Maybe it was the Premier or maybe it was my naivety that got to the inspector, but we were able to work things out. That was an unpleasant experience to say the least!

I've taught a million cooking classes in my day, in my magazine studio, at special events and even my home kitchen. It's always been an amazing experience of enjoying the pleasure of cooking delicious food.

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XO Mari

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