Soft-boiled eggs with prosciutto and Parmesan

Recipe Beth Jacob, Photography Jerry Grajewski

Recipe Beth Jacob, Photography Jerry Grajewski



4 eggs

4 slices Texas toast

8 slices prosciutto

1⁄4 cup freshly grated Parmesan


Lightly toast 4 slices bread. Cut each slice into 4 strips (making 16 strips total). Wrap each strip with 1/2 slice prosciutto, lay on baking sheet. Repeat with remaining strips of toast. Divide Parmesan among prosciutto- wrapped toast strips, sprinkling over each one.

Soft boil eggs. At the same time, preheat broiler. Place baking sheet with prepared toast strips under the broiler and heat until Parmesan melts and prosciutto crisps on the edges.

To serve, cut the top off each egg and place in an egg cup. Serve with 4 prosciutto and Parmesan-crusted toast strips per person. Serves 4.