Recipe Mari Loewen, Photography ANNA Magazine

Recipe Mari Loewen, Photography ANNA Magazine

  • Duration
  • Cook Time
  • Prep Time
  • Serves 4–6Servings


  • 2 large Yukon gold potatoes, unpeeled, sliced to 1/3 -inch thickness
  • 3 zucchini, sliced diagonally to 1⁄3-inch thickness
  • 1 large red bell pepper, quartered
  • Olive oil for brushing


  • 3 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons shallots, finely chopped
  • 2 tablespoons marjoram, chopped
  • 1 teaspoon lemon zest
  • 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil


Preheat outdoor grill or heavy skillet to medium-high heat. In a large bowl, whisk vinaigrette ingredients together until emulsified; set aside.

Place potato slices into pot with salted water and boil for about 4 minutes; drain. Place all vegetables into bowl, pour over vinaigrette and toss to coat. Grill vegetables in cast iron skillet over medium-high heat for about 2-3 minutes each side or until tender.