Classic sirloin burger stuffed with bacon cheese and fries

Classic sirloin burger stuffed with bacon cheese and fries.jpg

This one will thrill everyone, and with the ground steak as the main, will impress even the finest eaters.


2 pounds ground beef sirloin or lean chuck

8 slices cheddar

8 soft hamburger buns, split and toasted

Lettuce leaves, tomato slices and mayonnaise

8 slices bacon, cooked

Fries, store bought baked according to package directions

Basic barbecue rub

1/4 cup brown sugar, packed

2 tablespoons coarse salt

2 tablespoons black pepper (Tellicherry if you can)

2 tablespoons sweet paprika

2 teaspoons onion powder


Form beef into 8 patties, about 3/4-inch thick.

Season both sides with barbecue rub. Lightly

oil grill and preheat to medium-high heat. Grill

burgers 7 minutes per side or until desired

doneness. Top with cheese during last minute

of cooking.

To assemble, place lettuce on bottom bun.

Top with burger, tomato, mayonnaise,

fries and bacon. Cover with top.

Serves 8.