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What's ANNA?

ANNA is a lifestyle brand that believes food is the cornerstone of happiness. When you cook at home, food tastes better, families are happier, bank accounts are happy too.

Rooted in food and inspiration we publish content that will inspire, teach and grow the culinary lives of our readers. We also curate and sell a collection of quality products and services that align with our content and vision.

We exist as a leading voice for food in the digital landscape by educating and teaching the powerful role food plays in our lives.

We publish a weekly newsletter called Monday Morning Inspiration that gained momentum in 2013 and drops into thousands of inboxes throughout North America. You can sign up here and get a FREE copy of our top-selling cookbook.

What we believe.
We believe an educated palate brings another dimension to one's life. We believe in buying the very best ingredients and making an effort to cook at home at least 4 or 5 times a week.

We also believe in being kind, inviting friends and family for dinner and lighting candles. Food creates traditions and memories that bind us as family, friends, and community. 

Our History.
ANNA was launched in 2005 as a Cookbook Magazine Series in founder Mari Loewen's home kitchen. Named after Mari's mom, ANNA was the first magazine to truly connect food and mindfulness. Filled with beautiful recipes, inspiring quotes and stories, gorgeous food photography and design, ANNA was designed with a name rather than a date, making it timeless and collectible. Women fell in love with it and throughout North America, ANNA became a household name. You can buy the ANNA Cookbook series in print and digital here.