In a Minneapolis airport on the way to New York, I notice a couple waiting, quintessential New Yorkers it seems, a lovely couple, elderly. There’s something about them. An energy, something special.

She with short fiery red curler-rolled hair and black extra large rimmed glasses, and he with legs crossed in her direction, leaning into her. She is reading to him, from a large hardcover book, I can’t quite make out the title. I watch him lean over quietly and kiss her cheek. It seems to go unnoticed as she continues to read. Something about them, an energy, an innocence, a kindness. So beautiful. I am caught, I can’t quite explain it but a tear is running down my cheek. I can’t help but glance over from time to time as we wait. 

Finally, our flight and I’m looking for my seat. It’s next to theirs. They are settled in, I sit down next to him. He says, “Hello Dear, do you know the distance from the edge of Manhattan to the tip of Long Island?” I say that I don’t. He tells me the answer. He turns to his wife, “What should we eat when we get home, Dear?” Tenderly she explains what is left at home and how she will make it for their dinner. She returns to her book and continues to read to him. Suddenly he looks back at me. “Hello Dear, do you know the distance from the edge of Manhattan to the tip of Long Island?” he asks. “No, I don’t”, I speak lightly, my tears running. He tells me. Then to her, “What should we eat when we get home, Dear?”. And the magic begins as she, without hesitation, tenderly explains in the same meticulous manner as she did just minutes before.

Then I understand. I feel life in its preciousness, its fragility. Acceptance of each moment. Each special moment. It all makes sense. I am touched.

I think about my life. So many ideas, so much time wasted. I have so much music inside dying to play. I want to be thankful for my life and celebrate my gifts. I want to live my purpose. I want to give each precious moment the respect it deserves. I want to make a difference, at all cost, I want to live my dream.

What will it take? Perfect timing? And there’s always the chance it won't work. Worse yet, I could lose everything. The greater risk I think, is doing nothing at all.

Today, I know I have made the right decision. Every day is spurred by the growth of my existing business, something that seemed impossible. Of course, it’s not always easy, it takes drive and determination, persistence and patience, faith in myself and trust in powers greater than myself, but I love every minute of it. I feel completely fulfilled. And when the fears set in, I remember that serendipitous moment in the Minneapolis airport, and it inspires me to hold on and move forward. 

I don’t know what the future holds, all I know is that I have this day and a decision to do with it as I choose. I choose the risk.