Peace in your heart - Everything Anna

Several years ago I enrolled in a class called Prosperity; a class to help bring into one’s life that which we wish for. We were to create a vision board with images of anything our hearts desired. At the end of which, everyone would have a few minutes to share their vision of what living the life of their dreams might look like. There were images of money, perfect partners, dream homes and vacations of a lifetime.

On the first day of introductions, a woman introduced herself. I remember thinking there was something about her. I wondered what her story might be. I felt somehow drawn to her and I think she to me. When it came time for her to reveal her board, she said. "All I want is peace in my heart".

A silence fell over the room. Everyone listened as she told a very sad story. At the end of her story, she repeated her wish. "I just want peace in my heart".

Up to that point, I felt the course was silly and I wondered why I had come. That day I knew why.

I never forgot her. Of course I have many wishes still today, but aside from all of them, she helped me understand that real prosperity is having peace in your heart.