World's best brownies - Everything Anna
It’s the little things that make life special, but brownies for breakfast? I have to admit when it comes to special moments I have occasionally (usually) allowed precious to come before nutritious.

One of my fondest memories is when my daughter, Isabella was about five years old. Friday mornings before school, we decided, should be special. Just the two of us, in our favourite café, without interruptions. She could order whatever she wanted; it was always the same, "multi-grain toast and a big brownie". I loved watching her, in her red velvet gown (halloween costume she wore 2 years straight), as she raced through the multi-grain to sink her teeth into the big beautiful brownie.

Recipe & Styling Mari Loewen. Photogrpahy Ross Cornish.

Recipe & Styling Mari Loewen. Photogrpahy Ross Cornish.

Many years later, having breakfast at the same café, we noticed three little girls, dressed in taffeta and organza, sitting in a row, with eyes fixed on a large brownie sitting in front of each of them. Isabella gave me a wink, we understood.

In quest of our own ultimate brownie, we found it in the middle of the night. In the kitchen for a drink of water– she needing a treat for a sleepover the next morning, I decided to create a brownie recipe. With Isabella sitting on her favourite stool, we quickly whipped it together. As soon as it came from the oven, I knew it was the one. We tasted it, and it was heavenly and decadent with a light crispy outside and a soft gooey inside. With little flour to hold it up, it rose and then fell when we took it from the oven - like a chocolate soufflé. Made with pure cocoa, we could really taste the richness of chocolate, and with large chunks of walnut, it was perfect!

Isabella said, “mom, do you remember in the movie Elf, when he sees a window sign that reads World’s Best Coffee? He opens the door and shouts World’s Best Coffee?? Congratulations!! Well, congratulations mom, World’s Best Brownies!

Get the recipe here. Fudge brownies with walnuts.