Have you ever made a really big mistake in the kitchen? I don’t mean the kind Julia Child was talking about when she said, Never apologize for your kitchen mistakes.” I mean of epic proportion…

Like the big one, I made a few years ago, for my then boyfriend's birthday.

I had planned a surprise birthday dinner at his favourite restaurant and invited a few of his friends. I made a chocolate crêpe cake and delivered it to the restaurant. It took the entire day to make. 47 beautiful layers, one for each year. I made whole toasted hazelnuts, caramelized each one and placed them on top. It was gorgeous. 

Apparently, one of the guests was a hazelnut expert, because when the cake was delivered to the table and he took his first bite, he shouted–with a heavy Italian accent–are you ready? He shouted... 

The hazelnut is stale!!!  

I can laugh at it today, but safe to say, I nearly died. The man owned a specialty food company and I don't think he meant to be rude, he was simply making a serious point! He went on to explain, hazelnuts are very particular. You really have to look for them at their freshest state. They should be purchased sealed and used immediatleIy. I had bought mine in bulk the day of baking, but who knows how long they were in the bin. That was a mistake I will never make again.

But this weekend, I made another one!

It was Friday night and my friend Barb had shared her famous pumpkin bread with toasted coconut recipe, I had been dying to make. 

Ladies, number one, make sure you have your reading glasses nearby when attempting a new recipe. I had misplaced mine and so I’m squinting to see the words on my computer screen. And it didn’t help that between measuring the ingredients I’m flipping back and forth, from recipe to Sebastian Maniscalco on Netflix, who is so funny, I’m laughing out loud.

Suddenly, instead of nutmeg I’ve got cardamom in my hand, and I open the package and it smells so amazing I think why not just throw a teaspoon of cardamom into the ingredients (which is so perfect in our Cardamom Coffee Cake). Maybe not such a good idea here, especially since I also added a little extra salt, because if you remember, I love the whole sweet and salty thing. It came out of the oven, beautiful and golden and my whole house smelled incredible and I couldn't wait to take a bite. 

Sadly, it was too salty and the cardamom playing with the other ingredients was so strong, it threw the whole recipe off balance. 

This amazing recipe my friend Barb gave me, needed a serious re-do. So yesterday morning I was up early giving it another try. I followed the recipe...And measured my ingredients exactly. And it was heavenly.

Kitchen mistakes happen, and hopefully, yours won't be quite as big as mine. But if you have some good ones to share I would love to hear about them. Jump down to the bottom of this article and comment!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

xo Mari

ps. Until I have Barb's permission to share her recipe, give our Spiced pumpkin cake with maple cream cheese icing a try.