Mother's Day is here and we've got the prettiest breakfast ideas that will make mom happy, especially when it's served bedside.

Our simple crepe recipe with all the tastiest fillings, will make it easy no matter whose cooking. Pull out the crêpe pan and celebrate Mother's Day morning with the most elegant pancake of all.

When I was a kid, Saturday mornings would start with a yellow square of butter melting lazily in the pan. My mom would stand beside the stove and briskly whisk her crêpe batter as the butter started to sizzle. Then she’d pour in a circle of batter, pick up the pan and thin the circle out until it looked like a moon. I’d lean over and watch, mesmerized.

When the crêpe started lifting at the edges, my mom would pick it up with her spatula and drop it on my plate. I’d pat down a layer of brown sugar over its golden relief and roll it up tight, topping it with a blanket of maple syrup. My mom would start her next creation, never sitting down until everyone had been served. By the time she fiinally ate, the kitchen was warm and sweet.

This Mother's Day return the favour; melt butter in the pan, make a batch of crêpes, and add some of our tasty toppings, steak, eggs and hollandaise, fresh berries, banana and coconut. Serve with freshly-squeezed juices, a little Edith Piaf and, voilà, serve. 

Making mom a special coffee is always a welcome touch. 

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