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With dad's day around the corner, why not get him into the kitchen with you, to cook a beautiful dinner designed by a Chef. We turn to one of our favourite chefs, Scott Bagshaw, for a complete menu with recipes. Take dad along for the shopping and get him cooking through these incredible recipes. It's the perfect Father's Day gift...

When we asked Scott to design this menu, he took it over the top with an Asian flare. So let's get into the kitchen and give these a try.

He begins with a succulent duck, prepared three ways.
"Separate the breasts from the legs and use the bones to make a broth.” That broth becomes a delicious consommé to which he adds Asian spices, vegetables and a quail egg. The breasts are seared, until their skin is like gold crackling. The legs became confit combined with silky egg noodles, the punch of soy, the crunch of green beans, like a Pad Thai.


Recipes & Food Styling Scott Bagshaw. Art Direction Kari Wardrop. Photography Jerry Grajewski

Recipes & Food Styling Scott Bagshaw. Art Direction Kari Wardrop. Photography Jerry Grajewski

Sake-cured salmon with wonton and daikon
Homeless mussels with lemon grass and kimchee
Duck consommé with quail egg and young vegetables
Confit of duck with green beans and rice noodles
Roasted cauliflower with lemon, chile and watercress
Selection of fine cheeses, preserves and relish
Scottish beer (oak aged), Innis & Gunn
Chilean sparkling wine, Valdivieso Brut

Bagshaw Dinner 1

And the dinner continues: “homeless” mussels, their shells removed and the briny meat marinated in kimchee. And sake-cured salmon, cut paper thin served on a crispy wonton. And dessert is replaced with pungent cheeses and sweet Innes beer.

Bagshaw Dinner 5
Bagshaw Dinner 3
Bagshaw Dinner 6
Bagshaw Dinner 8

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