8 Useful Kitchen Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

Between avocado slicers, vegetable spiralizers and salad choppers, it’s hard to weed through the kitchen gimmicks to find what’s actually worth having. (A cherry pitter sounds great, but how many times will you really use that thing?) Below, eight gadgets that have a solid cost per use.
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Traditional knife blocks are just that: blocks. This sleek cylindrical one is filled with tightly packed plastic strands that let you place the knives any which way you want.

Shop now: IKEA 365+ knife block ($20)

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Draining a vat of pasta over the sink is no longer a balancing act, thanks to this adjustable basket. Conveniently rest it on the edges of your sink or fold the handles over so that it sits flat on your countertop.

Shop now: IKEA IDEALISK colander ($10)

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Your famous pork chops require a lot of garlic, and sorry but let’s face it, you don’t exactly have Ina’s knife skills. Enter the garlic press. Load in the clove, clamp down and watch as it makes quick work of mincing. (Psst… This press even works with unpeeled cloves.) Oh, and did we mention your hands won’t smell like garlic?

Shop now: IKEA KONCIS garlic press ($4)

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Instead of spending $5 on a latte each morning, make your own with a handheld milk frother. Give your glass a quick spin and you’ll have foamy goodness in just 15 to 20 seconds.

Shop now: IKEA PRODUKT milk frother ($3)

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Simply place this insert on top of your existing five-quart stock pot and you’ve got yourself a steamer set (for about a tenth of the price). You can stack up to three inserts on top of one another, making it extremely efficient for cooking in batches.

Shop now: IKEA STABIL steamer insert ($9)

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Free up valuable counter (and cabinet) space by using magnets. These little guys cling to any metal surface and feature a clear lid so you can easily see what’s stored inside.

Shop now: IKEA GRUNDTAL container ($8 for three)

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If you’re wondering what exactly you can do with a mortar and pestle, here are a few ideas: pesto, guacamole, classic Caesar dressing, hummus, aioli… Needless to say, this marble tool may become your new favorite.

Shop now: IKEA ÄDELSTEN mortar and pestle ($15)

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Ever heated up a plate of bolognese only to have the sauce land all over the inside of your microwave? Behold the splash-proof steamer lid. Not only does it help food cook faster but it also prevents it from flying all over your perfectly cleaned glass.

Shop now: IKEA PRICKIG microwave lid ($1)

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