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Mari Loewen

Mari Loewen

Mari Loewen is the founder, creative director and editor of ANNA. A brand that began as a food magazine (celebrating the homemaker's role in the kitchen) today has evolved to a fully shoppable lifestyle brand. Mari is happiest when she is creating, which was clear at an early age. First sewing Barbie doll clothing; later wedding dresses, designing her own home, baking cakes and tortes for a local cafe and entertaining at home. Her professional career began in fashion and hospitality, later in business and advertising. 

In 2005, Mari launched the ANNA Cookbook Series (named after her Mom) in her home kitchen. Here, she really found herself, as it provided all the things she loved–cooking, styling, photography, writing and design. Today, ANNA has migrated to a much-celebrated blog, with daily content and a weekly newsletter–And a shop of curated goods. Mari is actively involved in the day to day business, whether she's writing or planning extraordinary events or working on digital projects for her clients. 

Mari's philosophy is Making Everyday Special regardless of where she focuses her energy. Mari lives in Toronto, Canada with her daughter Isabella.

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