We believe an educated palate brings another dimension to one's life. We believe in buying the very best ingredients and making an effort to cook at home at least 4 or 5 times a week. The simple practice of planning your meals can transform your life, from your health, to your finances, to using less and reducing waste.

We also believe in Making Everyday Special. In being kind, inviting friends and family for dinner and lighting candles at dinnertime. Food creates traditions and memories that bind us as family, friends, and community. 

A homemakers perspective to food and entertaining with simple beautiful recipes, inspiring quotes and stories, beautiful food photography and design, is how founder, Mari Loewen describes the premium food magazine ANNA – named after her mom – she founded in her home kitchen in 2005. Mari’s writing and food styling captivated a global audience of magazine lovers, food lovers and chef's.

Today ANNA is on the web with a newsletter and membership continuing our core message and inspiring the lives of our readers.

ANNA also offers bespoke cooking classes and private dinner events.

Read our founder Mari Loewen’s message here.