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Exchanging Favours at the Sixty LES

I was raised to believe that favours should always be performed without thought of repayment. But it’s lovely when someone you’ve helped wants to give back. And when it involves one of the hottest boutique hotels in New York City... Well, let’s just say, this young lady knew what she was doing.

Prime rib with red wine reduction1

Prime rib with red wine reduction

Prime rib can only be described as beautiful. I love the crispy outer layer. I can taste red wine fused with the drippings, mashed potatoes and garlic baked to sweet perfection and tangy lemony Caesar salad. And with simple puff pastry, you can wrap the leftovers into a spectacular prime rib pie. Yum!

Champagne Truffle Pie

Champagne Truffle Pie

This is truly one of our very favourite recipes of all time. I created this many years ago and it is truly divine. Later, we added a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil and sea salt.

Pork medallions with curry apricot sauceHJERO.jpg

Pork medallions with curry apricot sauce

One of our most requested recipes, we've made it over and over. The balance of lime, coconut milk and apricot jam is absolutely fabulous and so simple to make. Our favourite curry paste brand is Patak’s and can be found in most food markets; it comes in mild, medium and hot depending on how you like it. Enjoy!