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Letting go of Limiting Beliefs

Letting go of Limiting Beliefs

Sometimes we’ve held onto a belief for so long that we have no idea there is an alternative view. We react to people or situations without realizing that it’s our past that is still shaping not only our character but our worldview. What if you realized there was a belief you picked up in childhood that was holding you back from creating and experiencing the life you are longing for? The right job, relationship, home, friendships–what if you felt they could all just fall into place if you could overcome this one belief?

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Pink Grapefruit Sorbet

Chilling Out

This time of year brings a yearning for the melody of the ice-cream truck. But we've got 4 fabulous frozen treats you can make right at home.

1Berry Picking

Berry Picking

My mother used to tend a large garden in our back yard full of most everything, including a row of precious strawberry plants with sweet berries that delivered a daily dose of happiness.


Strawberry and yogurt semifreddo

Semifreddo means half-frozen in Italian, here fresh strawberries lace this rich and velvety texture. It looks so beautiful you'll want to serve it right out of the pan!


Kulfi with pistachio and cardamom

Kulfi... ice cream with an Indian twist! Vendors called kulfiwallahs sell it on the streets of India. Denser and creamier than traditional ice cream, here flavoured with cardamom and pistachio. You will love it!