Niçoise salad, with salmon

Niçoise salad with salmon

Crisp and packed with protein, a Niçoise (ni-swaz) salad is the perfect lunch, we've even served it for dinner. Though this French classic is traditionally made with canned tuna (we use the Italian tuna packed in olive oil), here we serve it with seared salmon.

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Sweet chilli ribs hero.jpg

Sweet chili back ribs

These fall off the bone slow cooker ribs are finger licking delicious. And a slowcooker brings magic to our busy lifestyles. If you don’t already own a slow cooker, this irresistible recipe will surely have you running out for one. Beautiful slow cooked baby back ribs in a sweet and spicy chili sauce. Delicious!

Salt and pepper rib-eye 1

My Italian ex-boyfriend

I still remember the exact moment it happened. I couldn't believe it. One minute everything is normal and the next he’s walking towards me and I begin experiencing what I can only explain as a kind of emotional tsunami. Before I know what’s happening, he’s walking up to my front door with a bag of cold cuts and a box of Italian cookies.

California Summer Roadtrip

Our California Summer Road Trip

Ever since Garance Doré travelled through Big Sur in her rented Volkswagen minivan, we've been planning to pack up and head out on our own summer road trip. We wanted to get a taste of the California coastline. Nancy Silverton's famous pizza, a Michelin-starred restaurant, L.A.'s taco trucks and some roadside dinner parties were on our list, too.

Greek Bonelss leg of lamb

Greece comes to the table.

Something magical happens when Greek cuisine is at the heart of a dinner party. The conversation is loud and lively. Platters are set right on the table, and dishes are doled out casually. A leg of lamb is carved at the head of the table, its faintly pink center fragrant and earthy. Inspired by the flavours of Greece this casual menu brings it home.