Fried eggs with potato and red pepper hash

Fried eggs with potato and red pepper hash

We love eggs. Simple, beautiful, perfectly cooked sunny side-up eggs.

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Lobster Risotto.jpg

Truffle risotto

There is a common misconception that risotto is a difficult dish, when really it’s all about timing. Mari’s love of truffle oil inspired this recipe. A little goes a long way: a few drops add the perfect finish without being overpowering.

Crispy beef with jasmine rice1

Crispy teriyaki beef with hot chilies

Oh this recipe is incredible, we finally got it just right! Better than any take-out around! Thinly sliced, finest beef, crispy fried and lavishly smothered in a reduction of ginger-laced teriyaki that clings to every bite. This is the recipe for keeping.

Split pea soup.jpg

Vegetarian Pea Soup

Our hearty vegetarian version of a French Canadian classic. We use smoked salt, available at specialty and bulk food stores, in the place of the traditional ham hock.

Greek Bonelss leg of lamb

Greece comes to the table.

Something magical happens when Greek cuisine is at the heart of a dinner party. The conversation is loud and lively. Platters are set right on the table, and dishes are doled out casually. A leg of lamb is carved at the head of the table, its faintly pink center fragrant and earthy. Inspired by the flavours of Greece this casual menu brings it home.