Spinach salad with dry-rubbed skirt steak and buttermilk blue cheese dressing

This salad is a meal, hearty and meaty and smothered with a chunky blue cheese dressing it feels much like the famous wedge salad has gone to a higher level.

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House guests

When out-of-town guests need a place to stay, make it an experience they won’t soon forget.


Asparagus with sweet balsamic dressing

This gorgeous platter of greens is more simple to make than you can imagine. Less than 10 minutes and you're digging into crunchy, lemony, nutty tasting asparagus. Perfect with eggs–With the taste of eggs benny but without the calories. Delicious!


Maple glazed prosciutto

Maple syrup takes prosciutto to another level in this gorgeous stack of heaven. Try it and watch your family fall in love. Look for good quality prosciutto and use real maple syrup. Amazing. And ready in 10 minutes.

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Exchanging Favours at the Sixty LES

I was raised to believe that favours should always be performed without thought of repayment. But it’s lovely when someone you’ve helped wants to give back. And when it involves one of the hottest boutique hotels in New York City... Well, let’s just say, this young lady knew what she was doing.