Entertaining without the overwhelm

Entertaining without the overwhelm

For almost everyone I know, the thought of entertaining can be overwhelming and intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be.

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Turkey Blessed Issue 281

Happy American Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to our friends south of the border–we love you because Netflix. Ok CNN too. We're obsessed with American politics, New York, L.A. and everything in between. All the best and blessings to you and your family. Here's our best gift to you.

Salt and pepper rib-eye 1

My Italian ex-boyfriend

I still remember the exact moment it happened. I couldn't believe it. One minute everything is normal and the next he’s walking towards me and I begin experiencing what I can only explain as a kind of emotional tsunami. Before I know what’s happening, he’s walking up to my front door with a bag of cold cuts and a box of Italian cookies.

Rigatoni with sausage and ricotta.jpg

I Laughed So Hard...

This summer I had an epiphany. Not joking! My aunt made me laugh so hard, I cried and then it changed my life! It will change yours too.


Food Styling or Perfect Turkey?

We are often asked about our food styling. Readers wonder, is that really the way it will turn out if I make it? What kind of kitchen tricks give your turkey that crispy brown skin? It must be some kind of food stylist magic....


Our Best Slow Cooker Recipes

Slow cookers add simplicity and ease to mid- week meals and magically transform fresh ingredients into flavourful dinners and next day lunches.

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A SoHo review

As I planned my trip to New York, Balthazar — a restaurant named for having the best fries in the world — was at the top of my list.

California Summer Roadtrip

Our California Summer Road Trip

Ever since Garance Doré travelled through Big Sur in her rented Volkswagen minivan, we've been planning to pack up and head out on our own summer road trip. We wanted to get a taste of the California coastline. Nancy Silverton's famous pizza, a Michelin-starred restaurant, L.A.'s taco trucks and some roadside dinner parties were on our list, too.


Alice Waters' Chez Panisse feels like home

My heart skips a beat as we drive down Berkeley's Shattuck Avenue looking for 1517. We arrive at the restaurant, an important-looking heritage house, with a menu in copper posted to the front gate.