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8 Ways to Support Someone Who is Grieving

8 Ways to Support Someone Who is Grieving

Losing a loved one is one of life’s most devastating challenges. Sometimes, there is nothing a widow needs more than the reassuring voice of someone who has been down this path before.

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Letting go of Limiting Beliefs

Sometimes we’ve held onto a belief for so long that we have no idea there is an alternative view. We react to people or situations without realizing that it’s our past that is still shaping not only our character but our worldview. What if you realized there was a belief you picked up in childhood that was holding you back from creating and experiencing the life you are longing for? The right job, relationship, home, friendships–what if you felt they could all just fall into place if you could overcome this one belief?

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This time of year brings a yearning for the melody of the ice-cream truck. But we've got 4 fabulous frozen treats you can make right at home.