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At the end of the day, I am at peace. Because my intensions are good and my heart is pure.
— anonymous
Yoga Public,

Yoga Public,

Welcome to Monday Morning Inspiration! Our goal is to inspire women to Make Everyday Special! With uplifting quotes and stories, beautiful recipes, inspiring fashion and travel tips. We want to become your inbox staple!

Hey, guess what we have been working on all weekend? A complete website redesign!  With access to even more amazing content that will inspire you every single day!  And we're doing things a little differently... We are not taking the site down while we are working on it... Just so you can see our changes live! Make sure to keep checking back, we are literally uploading as we speak! And it's going to be so amazing!

In the meantime, we did have to take a breather this weekend and accepted an invitation to attend a restorative yoga class at Yoga Public. I don't really know how to describe it, but I will say it changed my entire perspective, aligned my body, and calmed my spirit. I am looking forward to making this one and half hour class my Sunday morning ritual. (and I made a salmon Caesar salad that was amazing!!)

So although our note today is brief, our site will grow to be amazing over the next few days! Happy Monday!

xo Mari

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This week's Recipe.

This recipe was the one closest to the lovely salad we had this weekend. Add a nicely pan-seared salmon fillet, cooked medium and enjoy!



Imagine there’s no countries. It isn’t hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too. Imagine all the people, living life in peace. You may say that I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will be as one.
— John Lennon

Welcome to Monday Morning Inspiration, ANNA's weekly online publication where we share our love of food, fashion and travel woven with heartfelt inspiration that will warm your soul and inspire you to Make Everyday Special! 

Today, we share our love of France. xo Mari


Things we love about Paris

Thinking of Paris, a few lovely things come to mind. The timeless Chanel No. 5, The classic Louis Vuitton, The famous La Maison du Chocolat, The iconic Chanel fashion house, the Chocolate Croissant and our very favourite Steak Frite.

An Afternoon in France

Excerpt from Issue 17, Hope, Written by Tara Kaprowy

Every December, the venerable Gourmet magazine—God rest her soul—featured cookies on her cover. Like the rituals of the season itself, it was something one could rely on—pulling the glossy out of the mailbox and swallowing a decadent display of thumb prints, gingerbread, crisps and meringues. Sometimes they hung as ornaments, sometimes they were poured together on a platter, sometimes they sat as still-life art. Always, they spoke of celebration, joy and family togetherness.

On a cold, winter afternoon, there are few things more soul-satisfying then creaming sugar into butter. And when that act is matched with thoughts of wet cobblestone streets, romantic train station reunions, Parisian coffee and steamy bakeries, so much the better. While they play a part in almost every family’s holiday story, almost every kind of cookie has a tale of its own to tell. To enrich those afternoons, we’ve put together a batch of French cookies for you to try. Interestingly, each variety is thoughtfully named, adding an extra layer of appeal to their elegant, delicate bites.

Madeleines, immortalized in France by author Marcel Proust, are the most famous. While their exact origin is unknown, in one legend a woman named Madeleine is said to have baked the scalloped-shaped cakes to feed the pilgrims headed to Saint Jacques’ burial site. The scallop shell is a sign of protection and is often associated with the saint. Indeed, the savory coquilles Saint Jacques is one of the most popular dishes incorporating scallops in France. 

Sables, France’s version of butter cookies, mean sand in French and refer to the sandy texture of the cookie. Like a North American peanut butter cookie, sables are usually stamped with a crosshatched pattern. To dress things up, and to honour their name, we’ve kept their surfaces smooth and edged them with sanding sugar.

Palmiers are buttery, caramelized treats made with feather-light puff pastry. Their name means palm tree and, indeed, these curled cookies are often called palm leaves because of their shape.

Tuiles are also aptly named, using the French word for tile. In this instance, they refer to the rounded, red clay tiles that so often top the homes in France and elsewhere in Europe—an image that provokes more dreamy thoughts on a cold, winter afternoon.


"Contemplating life." I took this photo in Venice. 

"Contemplating life." I took this photo in Venice. 

Welcome to Monday Morning Inspiration, ANNA's weekly online publication where we share our love of food, fashion and travel woven with heartfelt inspiration that will warm your soul and inspire you to Make Everyday Special! 

A few weeks ago, we got the shocking news that my dear aunt was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. I have a very large family, and having never had to deal with this before, we all jumped into action...research, how to help, what to eat, what to say, what does it mean...

Today, I am thankful for my aunt who, through it all, most mornings texts me quotes and positive saying. Sometimes its just "Good morning Mari, I love you." The other day she sent this "Good morning this is God, I am taking care of all of your problems today, so just go out there and have a great day!"

Today, I am thankful that while I am only trying to help her... she has changed me.

xo Mari

Streetwalking in Venice...

Remembering my two day tour of Venice with our host and friend Frederico Del Bianco of Masottina, one of the worlds top prosecco producers. Beautiful sights, incredible food, lifetime friendships. For more info

Simple beautiful food

If you are like me, this week may be a time take it to the lighter side. Here are some you may want to try...